How does regular use of the Infrared Sauna reduce cellulite?

Cellulite is the condition in which there are stored unwanted fats in some parts of the body. This usually happens after puberty in both men and women but more particularly in women. This prevents many from wearing sexy outfits or even wearing swimsuits.  Cellulite looks like dimples and occurs usually at the buttocks and thighs. This is due to lack of exercise and unhealthy diet and the presence of other bad habits like smoking. Wearing of fitted clothes and high heeled shoes can help increase cellulite in the body also.


European beauty specialists regularly incorporate sessions in programmes to reduce cellulite. Because the radiant infrared heat penetrates three times as deeply as conventional saunas, it is significantly more effective at breaking down hard to move cellulite and promoting a more youthful, beautiful complexion.

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