Do you use chemicals in your infrared saunas?

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing an infrared sauna, and one of those is the materials with which the infrared sauna is constructed. Many people are looking for an infrared sauna for the health benefits and to detoxify the body. Many of the toxins that enter our bodies are from the air we breathe. Both inside our homes and outside in the city, we are exposed to a multitude of chemicals used in manufacturing and construction, not to mention the exhaust fumes from our cars. It is important to understand what’s used inside of infrared saunas, because at high temperatures certain materials can release chemicals into the air, which is called “off gassing”.


You may be wondering whether we use chemicals in our saunas. Our answer; Absolutely not! Any glue used to bind elements together is non toxic and the cabin wood is free from pesticides. We manufacture all our sauna equipment to the ROHS directive and use no chemicals or toxins in our sauna cabins as this could result in toxic fumes being released during operation. These chemicals could easily be absorbed by your open pores and cause a reaction.

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