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Welcome to the official SaunaMed Blog. Here we’ll tell you a little more about SaunaMed, the technology we use and the team behind it, as well as providing exciting product updates.


The SaunaMed brand was created with health and beauty in mind and aims to provide all the conventional benefits of a sauna through lower temperature sun-simulating technology.


Our Far infrared saunas are a modern adaptation of the time-tested method of using heat for health, cleansing and purification purposes. This type of sauna is very cost efficient and easy to maintain, making it an excellent choice for both residential and commercial applications.


The technology behind our saunas is build around DuraWave™. DuraWave™ Infrared Heaters are made from 100% pure ceramic and include no chemicals or toxins.


Regular clinical tests demonstrate that DuraWave™ infrared heaters produce far-infrared rays close to perfection to work with the natural harmony of the human body resulting in increased health benefits.


Our first class standards and revolutionary technology have made us clear leaders in the market. We put a huge emphasis on research and consistently strive to deliver a premium quality end product. Experts claim that SaunaMed infrared technology is among the most efficient and, above all, most effective the world over.


For more information about the company and our accreditations you can visit our about page.


We’ll be bringing you further updates in the near future.

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